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Child Safety Door Stopper Clamp Baby Safety Door Stopper Clips 4 pcs/set

Children Safety Door Stopper


Children Safety Door Stopper:

  • Package Includes 4 Piece Door Pinch Guard in colourful cartoon design which protects the baby’s fingers from getting pinched when opening or closing the door or when it bangs due to wind or air.
  • Easy to Install
  • This finger pinch guard fits all door sizes and is made of the foam. The cartoon design gives your child much fun.
  • We recommend that you use two pieces on one door for better support and avoid breakage of the item due to heavily slamming doors. Avoid banging or slamming doors too harshly as it may lead to breakage of product.
  • TIP: Just place the door guard above the height of the child and not in his or her reach for greater safety.

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Child Safety Door Stopper 4 pcs/set: Children Safety Door Stopper keeps babies, Infants, Toddler sage by preventing them from getting injured from sharp corners of furniture. It is made of high quality high density sponge.

It can be removed once its use is over. After removal it will leave no traces and would not damage the furniture at all. It has a practical design and is very convenient to use. High quality material, fashionable and durable.

It is Ideal for keeping cabinets, drawers, and cupboard, wardrobe, fridge and appliance edges safe. With adhesive pads it sticks to even and clean surfaces. It’s used for the corners of your table and desk to prevent painful bumps, protect your body and kids bump the desk carelessness Comfortable and necessary Adhesive pads make them firm, and help you to install them easily Design blends in with your furniture.

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Children Safety Door Stopper
Children Safety Door Stopper

There is nothing more exciting than when baby starts to crawl and walk. Watching them explore their world with genuine interest and wonder is precious and meaningful. However, as your children learn to stand and move about, they are sure to fall down. Find a large selection of corner protectors specifically designed to prevent bruises. Choose coloured cushions to blend seamlessly with your furniture. (Set of 4) Door Stopper Cartoon for Kids and Baby Safety Pinch Guard and Accidental Door Lock Protection for Baby Safety, Random Design and Colour.

Children Safety Door Stopper
Children Safety Door Stopper

Door Stopper Cartoon for Kids and Baby Safety Pinch Guard and Accidental Door Lock Protection for Baby Safety, Random Design and Colour (Animal Shape)Clear plastic guards do not distract from your design scheme, but still offer protection. Quickly and easily install your guards with double-sided tape or clips. Check out complete guard kits for a simple, total-home solution. Key Features Premium Corner Cushions, effectively cover the sharp edges while retaining its flexibility and softness for enhanced protection thoroughly tested for high-impact collisions (does not rupture). Special adhesive (do not come off easily yet do not leave stains/damage furniture/paint).

Non-toxic, eco-friendly, odourless, dust-free, and does not become sticky with prolonged use even in extremely hot weather.Prevent your little child’s fingers from being trapped or crushed in a closing door. This product helps prevent your child from becoming accidentally locked in a room. Its easy to use, just clip on the door and make sure its out of reach of your little one. This product is not a tether and chewing on it by the child must be avoided. To close the door completely, simply remove the finger protector and hang it on the door knob/handle.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 13 cm

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