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Cake Decoration Spice Pen Lets You Draw on Food and Drinks Coffee Art Carving Pen 1 pc

Cake Decoration Spice Pena


Cake Decoration Spice Pen 1 pc : Spice Pen/Coffee Art Pen Coffee Carving Cake Decorating Bird Spice Pen Quirk Draw on Your Food Make Creative Messages & Drawings with All Natural Materials. 

  • A unique and stylish spice art pen to decorate almost any food product. Enjoy making creative messages artistic design using food granules, spices or essence to decorate food, milk, coffee and many more.
  • Special curve design makes it easy to hold like a pen and make every possible art of your favorite food or coffee.
  • Food presentation has never been so fun and so easy! SPICE PEN is the first and only kitchen implement that allows users to make drawings and write with ground spices. Use ground cinnamon, paprika, parsley, instant cocoa powder, ground sugar or other natural food elements to decorate the dishes.
  • It is simple to operate and requires little maintenance, which means that anyone can use it. You just fill it with ground material, press the button and draw! It is an easy to use kitchen tool for children, teenagers, and adults who want to get creative and make their food and coffee into beautiful (and edible) works of art.
  • Dimensions – 14 x 2.5 x 1.8 CM :: Can Hold 2 ml :: Battery – 2 Button Cells 

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Cake Decoration Spice Pen 1 pc: Cake Decoration Spice Pen Electrical Coffee Art Coffee Carving Pen 1 pc ,  Cake Decoration Spice Pen Lets You Draw on Food and Drinks Electrical Coffee Art Carving Pen 1 pc   Our brands believes to provide the good quality products to our customer so that customer will get satisfaction as they want. Our first priority is to provide the maximum satisfaction to our customers. We are making product with good quality raw material so that we can fulfill our customer needs.

 Coffee Carving Cake Decorating Bird Spice Pen Spice Pen is a simple to use electrical tool that makes food presentation easy and fun.You can quite literally “spice” up your food, lattes, plate decorations, and more by adding creative messages and designs. And the best part? You can do it with all natural, healthy materials such as cinnamon, coffee grounds, cocoa powder, ground sugar, and other non-sticky ground materials.

Cake Decoration Spice Pen
Cake Decoration Spice Pen
Cake Decoration Spice Pen
Cake Decoration Spice Pen
Cake Decoration Spice Pen
Cake Decoration Spice Pen

Spice Pen Carving Cake Decorating Bird Pen, Assorted Colour Bird Spice Pen Cake Decoration pen Coffee carving pen used for decoration on coffee and other baking products with powdered coffee Put your creativity to the test by turning your food and drinks into beautiful works of art.

  • Styled like a real pen with a little extra flare of course, you can draw just like you would on a sketch pad or piece of paper, but with spices! Surprise your loved ones by writing “I love you” or “good morning” on the milk froth of their morning coffee, decorate your dessert plate before impressing your guests, enrich that chocolate lava cake you’ve been dying to eat, or decorate however else you would like – get creative with it!
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Dimensions 15 × 3 × 12 cm

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