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Double Layer Reversible Umbrella with C Shape Handle 1pc Random Prints

Double Layer Reversible Umbrella

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Double Layer Reversible Umbrella 1pc:

  • AUTO-OPEN REVERSE OUTDOOR UMBRELLA: Our design is the unique Auto-Open frame, unlike many other Manual reverse umbrellas. Just press a button, and watch the umbrella spring open. No more manual handling and getting wet when entering or exiting your vehicle! Perfect as a gift! ?
  • WIND RESISTANT, DURABLE, UV AND RAIN PROTECTIVE CLOTH: Forget about cheaply made stroller and car umbrellas once and for all! This auto-open reverse umbrella is made of heavy duty, thick, windproof, rain and sun protective cloth, keeping you safe and comfortable at all times.
  • STAY DRY AND KEEP YOUR FLOORS AND CARS SAFE FROM WATER DRIPPING: No more wet clothes and floors for you! This must have wind resistant, folding reverse umbrella is exactly what you need to keep rain water from dripping in your car and all over your floors. What is more, the smooth opening and closing mechanism allows you to enter or exit your car without hassle.
  • ENJOY FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT AND EFFORTLESS HANDLING: Thanks to the special C shaped ribbed handle design that is larger than normal reverse umbrellas, this travel car umbrella allows you to keep your hands free and perform any task, without worrying about getting drenched in the rain. Hold your baby, carry your shopping bags, talk on the phone and do whatever you like effortlessly.
  • KEEP YOU DRY ALL THE TIME: Don’t you hate it when it’s raining cats and dogs and you have to close your umbrella in order to get in your house, car or on the bus? It lasts only a couple of seconds, but that’s enough to get your head and clothes wet. This innovative reversible umbrella can fold upside down, so that you can enter your car or house first and then close it. In this way, you will remain dry and the wet side of the umbrella will be covered.

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Double Layer Reversible Umbrella 1pc: Double Layer Reversible Umbrella  Get in and out without getting wet The Inverted Umbrella, with its reverse opening mechanism, opens outdoors while you’re still indoors or inside of your car.

  • This practical configuration ensures that you stay dry and look impeccable even after walking from the parking lot to make that important business pitch.  When you reach your destination and close, rain collects inside and keeps the foyer dry.
  • We turned the traditional rain umbrella upside-down The  Inverted Umbrella doesn’t protect just you from Mother Nature’s wrath.   Its’ inside out design closes to form a waterproof cone, collecting precipitation to keep floors and car interiors dry.
  • Because this reverse umbrella opens from the top rather than from the bottom, it is also reduces the risk of poking passers-by, making it a considerate travel and car umbrella.  Every Windproof Umbrella comes with its own shoulder-sling pouch for easy carry on cloudy days.
  • Convenient and reliable Our upside down umbrella boasts 6 sturdy carbon fiber ribs and stretchers, giving it unparalleled resistance to winds in excess of 60 mph.  The canopy umbrella windproof, waterproof and UV protective.
  • Because it spans a generous 42.5″, there’s room for you and a friend.  The ergonomic C-shaped handle gives you hands-free use of our inside out umbrella so you can carry groceries, walk your dog or respond to text messages with ease.
  • With 20 stylish motifs to choose from, you can tailor your reversible umbrella to your personality.  The World’s First Reversible Umbrella | Rain Umbrella | Inverted Umbrella | Windproof Waterproof Stick.

Flower Printed Reversible Umbrella Inverted Upside Down Self Stand Umbrella And Mobile Cover For Men And Women, Multicolor Umbrella | Reversible Umbrella.

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Dimensions14 × 5 × 80 cm

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